What is motivation?

Motivation, from a psychological perspective, refers to the driving force behind an individual’s actions, desires, and behaviours. It encompasses the internal processes that energize and direct behaviour towards specific goals or outcomes. Motivation can be influenced by various factors, including biological, psychological, and social factors, as well as personal beliefs and values. Understanding motivation is crucial especially when pursuing academic success or striving for career advancement. Harnessing motivation is key to unlocking human potential and facilitating growth and success.

What is performance coaching?

Performance coaching is a specialized form of psychological intervention designed to optimize an individual’s performance and enhance their overall effectiveness in various domains, such as work, sports, or personal development. We work with you to provide support, guidance, and feedback, so you can identify and overcome obstacles, set meaningful goals, develop new skills, and maximize their potential. Our solutions span across goal setting, motivation enhancement, cognitive restructuring, and skill-building exercises. Performance coaching will empower you to achieve your desired outcomes and excel in your chosen endeavours. 

Can you benefit from communications and assertiveness skills coaching?

Communication and Assertiveness Skills Coaching focuses on enhancing interpersonal interactions and self-expression through tailored guidance and techniques. Communication, the exchange of thoughts, ideas, and emotions, forms the foundation of all relationships, both personal and professional. Assertiveness, on the other hand, involves confidently expressing one’s needs, beliefs, and boundaries while respecting those of others. Our coaching services provide individuals with the tools and strategies to effectively convey their message, actively listen, resolve conflicts constructively, and cultivate assertiveness in various social contexts. Through personalized sessions, clients develop the confidence and skills needed to navigate diverse communication scenarios with clarity, empathy, and authenticity, fostering stronger connections and achieving their personal and professional goals.

Need help with professional networking?

We coach in excelling at professional networking! Our specialized form of guidance aimed at helping you enhance your interpersonal skills, expand your professional contacts, and cultivate meaningful relationships within your industry or field. Through tailored strategies and personalized support, we assist you in navigating social interactions, building rapport, and leveraging opportunities for career advancement. By focusing on communication techniques, self-presentation, and relationship-building strategies, you can foster career growth, enhance job satisfaction, and open doors to new opportunities.

Planning a career? We can help!

Our Psychological services offer guidance and support to individuals seeking clarity and direction in their professional lives. Through personalized assessments, counselling, and coaching, we help you identify your strengths, interests, and values, aligning them with suitable career paths. Our trained coaches will guide you and give you access to tools and techniques to explore career options, develop effective job search strategies, enhance interview skills, and navigate career transitions. Whether you’re a recent graduate embarking on your career journey or a seasoned professional seeking a change, let us help you to make informed decisions and achieve your professional goals with confidence.

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Our Process

Step 1: You book a 20 minutes consultation. 

Step 2: We learn about you, understand you, listen to you and co-create a solution that works for you.

Step 3: We schedule you for 50-70 minutes long sessions depending upon your needs where we equip you with social, adaptive and emotional intelligence using science.






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