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Nourishing human potential by optimizing emotional and social intelligence.

We are a small, powerful team of PhDs who specialize in the art and science of human psychology, human behaviour, and organizational dynamics. We’re committed to harnessing emotional and social intelligence in our clients, and helping individuals, partners, teams, and organizations thrive.


Hello and welcome.
I’m Dr. Tatijana Busic, Ph.D.

As a psychologist and an organizational consultant, my passion is to support individuals, organizations, and communities to build healthy relationships through harnessing emotional and social intelligence. I’m also a trauma and stress expert and provide services to individuals, partner’s, and organizations that foster psychological healing, resilience, and the motivation for growth.

Whether you’re seeking personal counselling or you’re a leader looking to up your EQ game, I’m committed to helping you live an enriching life, personally and professionally.




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