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Seeking sustainable business growth while nurturing a culture of innovation? Want to enhance efficiency while staying adaptable? or launch and scale disruptive ideas without disrupting organizational processes? Want to improve decision effectiveness while sticking to the timeline?

At Busic Psychology, we aid in harmonizing these factors using psychology and neuroscience. We equip you with scientific knowledge and teach you how to apply it to elevate your business and attract & retain top talent, all while effectively managing organizational change. 

Our Areas of Focus

Our Process

Step 1: You book a 30 minutes consultation. 

Step 2: We learn about your organization and understand your current challenges, priorities and needs.

Step 3: We co-create a solution that works for your organization, discuss strategy and execution.

Our Approach

Neuromanagement involves the integration of neuroscience into business and we do this by bringing science and psychology into our leadership development programs. To achieve deep learning and sustainable change in how leaders lead and how organizations flourish, we must work with the science of emotion, cognition and human behaviour. Our approach is systemic in that we support the change that leaders want so see from all levels of individual and team systems.

Our Solutions

We create impact-oriented solutions that work for your organizations by leveraging the science of emotional intelligence. My team and I support leaders, teams, and organizations to improve their communication and relationships in a way that makes a difference. We are die-hard scientists who spend the time learning about what makes you, your leaders, and your culture tick. Whatever the need, we thrive on complex people issues – asking hard questions, delivering transparent feedback, implementing structure, and providing strategic counsel.

Our most popular solutions include Seminars and workshops on Neuromanagement, Neuroleadership, Psychology of Change Management, Cultural Transformation, Emotional Intelligence and Psychological Safety.  


Leadership Coaching & Workshops

Speaking Engagements and talks

What Our Clients Say...

OMG! Best business consulting session ever! I liked Tatijana’s explanation of neuroscience and how our brain registers what’s going on these covid days!

She has this way of marrying her clinical psychology background with “business savviness”. The work she is doing to help understand and manage change in the workplace is innovative and I believe all companies could benefit from her help.

I attended one of Dr. Busic’s leadership workshops on Change Management recently and I must say she’s an excellent instructor with a captivating presence! She shared meaningful psychological insights and hands-on tactics to manage change.



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