Leaning In: The Path to Healing and Thriving Through Covid-19

My conclusion – it’s time to lean in.

I’m creating a series that delves into the what, why, and how of nourishing the human capacities we need right now. “Leaning In: The Path of Healing and Thriving.” – will be a series of blogs, podcasts, and other collaborations that are aimed to drive conversation and motivate new ways of ‘being.’

Covid-19 brings to light the extraordinary interdependence of human and environmental systems. Nothing is disconnected. Whether we share genders, cultures, geographic locales, or political philosophies, we are all a part of a complex whole and need each other. But there is something that’s tripping us up right now, it’s how we think and behave when we’re scared.

When we’re scared, our survival instinct kicks in and we prepare for defense. The problem – Covid-19 needs us to do the opposite of what our survival instinct is telling us to do. Instead of fighting the discomfort and acting quickly, we need to lean in and slow down.

The big question: How to prepare for the marathon ahead. How to emerge stronger, wiser, and more connected with ourselves and each other. I’ll draw from the science of emotion and human behaviour to explore the what, why, and how of healing and resilience in individuals, partners, teams, organizations, and communities.

If you’re curious to explore, come lean in with me.


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